WebThemer are experienced website developers...
WebThemer has in-house expertise in web design and support.
Specialising in Joomla and Wordpress Content Management Systems.

Joomla! Content Management System (CMS)

Get a highly professional website that you can edit yourself!

Content Management Systems, allows you to login and manage the content of your own site. No more paying your webmaster every time you want to make changes or additions to your website.

WebThemer works with professionally designed Joomla! CMS systems to bring you the most modern looking and functioning website with the fastest turnaround possible. We have a proven system of working with clients to ensure that your new site is better than you ever expected.

Examples of what Joomla! CMS can do for you...

Small business Web sites

Non-profit and organisational Web sites

E-commercejoomla black

School Websites

Family home pages

Business intranets

Online magazines, newspapers, and publications

Joomla! websites are perfect for any website, there’s really is no limit to what they can do, and your overall cost savings from owning a CMS website will become obvious.

Can My Website Grow?

That's the whole idea! Joomla! Allows for the quick and simple growth of your site, adding new pages has never been easier! Plus the quick installation of literally thousands of Joomla! extensions allows you to add new features and functionality to your site at any time.

All WebThemer Joomla! Web Sites have basic SEO Built Right In!

All of our Joomla! web design packages contain basic level of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), to ensure that your website can not only be found by the search engines, but that it ranks high on the engines.